Success Profile: Tanisha Colon-Bibb, Founder of Rebelle Agency


There’s much power in connection and due to social media opportunities to spark common ground with others have become more multi-faceted. Being active in various Slack groups has provided endless access to incredibly talented and ambitious women, globally.

So, it is of no surprise that I connected with Tanisha Colon-Bibb, a growing media powerhouse and founder of Rebelle Agency, a public relations and strategic communications agency.


Rebelle Agency

At the core of Rebelle Agency is compelling and authentic storytelling that can be shared via various mediums, including: integrated marketing, advertising, activiations, celebrity and influencer relationships as well as social content. What began in 2012 as a post lay-off venture, has evolved into an agency that operates within the: entertainment, fashion, beauty, not-for-profit, technology, food and beverage, travel and hospitality and sports sectors.

Tanisha’s extensive experience interning and working since she was a freshman in college provided a varied portfolio within management, entertainment, fashion and business. Overall, her multitude of experiences at Goldman Sachs, BET, Tommy Hilfiger and PR firms were “a foreshadow of the patience, discipline and finding productivity in chaos” that she would need throughout her entrepreneurial career.

“I have learned so much from the failures and successes of each one of my client projects and relationships. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with people and brands that believe in our business and what we have the power to execute.”

Following her first year as a full-time entrepreneur, it’s been an already exciting first quarter for Rebelle Agency. The agency’s client, AJ Crimson Beauty was the makeup artist behind the viral GQ feature of Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle. Additionally, Shannon Wallace attended NYFW AW19 and had a one-on-one conversation with POSE actor, Billy Porter and Tanisha landed her first-ever international client Jamelia Donaldson, founder of TreasureTress. She’s also on-boarded two new hires to assist in building her empire that she intends to expand to additional domestic offices as well as her first international location within the next five years.


Figuring Out Her Why

Being a multicultural woman has given Tanisha “strength, confidence and a unique perspective” she tells Walker Legacy. However, her lived experience as an Afro-Latina initially, caused her professional concern. In the beginning stage of her business, she changed her name to Dariana so she wouldn’t be branded solely as a “Black Publicist” and potentially lose industry opportunities. ”I was, in my opinion, solving a problem before it existed” states the Rebelle Agency founder, “however, what I didn’t realize was that it made me weaker as a person and as a business, two things that have since changed.”

Tanisha Colon-Bibb (center) with Senior Account Executive, Tequilla white and Rebelle Agency's first International client, TreasureTress Founder Jamelia Donaldson.
Tanisha Colon-Bibb (center) with Senior Account Executive, Tequilla White (L) and Rebelle Agency’s first International client, TreasureTress Founder Jamelia Donaldson (R).

Today, she’s committed to utilizing the strength her varied background provides and allows it to be a touchstone for connection and authentic storytelling—while also utilizing her birth name. As Tanisha continues to take on additional projects that evolve her agency, she continually reflects on her why to help her overcome challenges of being an entrepreneur: successfully executing projects from conception to execution and giving opportunity to aspiring communication professionals.

“Use your multicultural identity as a source of power, experience and confidence but don’t let it be the only thing that colleagues or superiors see. Let your work ethic, intelligence and personality drive your success.”


Meeting Tanisha began with a Slack message but it’s evident how far her powers extend—online and in real life, too. Recognizing that being and showing up as all facets of herself is her power, she’s positively altering the landscape of public relations one client at a time.

To keep up with all things (monthly newsletters, quarterly reports and more!) “Rebelle Agency” follow @rebelleagency on all social media platforms.

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