Success Profile: Walker’s Legacy Summer 2017 Internship Class

Walker’s Legacy Profiles recognize unique women of color in business that embody the legacy of Madam C.J. Walker, the first female self-made millionaire. 

In this installment, meet Christina, Leatrice, Gabriella, Storm, Chante, Dayna and Asile – seven exceptional women leading on and off campus who will join our team as summer interns!

Meet Christina Carbajal10
Communications and Social Media Intern, Walker’s Legacy

Born in Virginia but raised in Texas, Christina was introduced to technology at an early age. From producing and filming her own YouTube series to creating her own media content, Christina has always found herself behind the computer putting her creativity to use. Through media, Christina found joy in creating strategic ways to help build a brand through social media in a genuine way. Christina will be receiving a B.A. in Communication Studies with a minor in Mass Communication from Texas State University. She took on a position with Urban Co-Lab her senior year as their communications intern which lead her to have the opportunity to help build the brand and creation of the SXSW Urban Creatives Pitch Competition with EBONY Magazine. She also assisted with constructing Diversity in Tech with sponsors from Google and Dropbox. During her time at Urban Co-Lab, Christina quickly became intrigued by entrepreneurship and community involvement.

“Being Latina I quickly realized how much harder I had to work to prove myself.” said Christina. “For my peers some had it worst than I did. I’ve always been surrounded by strong women, whether it was my grandmother, my mother or even my close friends, one thing they all had in common was they never let the color of their skin determine where they are going in life.

Christina has many passions but women empowerment has always been at the top of her list. Christina is one of the founders of a growing organization called Women of Gold. The organization helps women on campus connect and network with each other while growing with self-love, self-esteem and self-confidence. From Urban Co-Lab to Women of Gold all of her opportunities have led her to Walker’s Legacy, she now holds the position as their communication and social media intern. Christina hopes to not only help the company grow but become an impact on her community.

…with the rapid growth of startups by women of color it’s apparent where our attention should be directed moving forward. I could not imagine continuing my professional career without carrying on my passion with women’s success.Christina Carbajal

Meet Leatrice Bulls
Community Engagement Intern, Walker’s Legacy Foundation 

Leatrice Bulls graduated with highest honors from The Holton-Arms School in Bethesda, MD as an AP Scholar, STEM Scholar, and Global Scholar.  Leatrice is currently at Harvard University studying Mechanical Engineering. She is a founding member of the Harvard Chapter of the Society of Women Engineers and sits on the Board of Directors. She is also a member of the Harvard Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Harvard Society of Black Scientists and Engineers, and the National Society of Black Engineers. Leatrice has long been an accomplished figure skater and as a member of Team USA, won an international gold medal in Salzburg, Austria at the 2017 Mozart Cup. Leatrice also spends her free time during the school year volunteering at two different homeless shelters in Harvard Square. 

“Starting my journey into the professional realm, I am becoming increasingly aware of obstacles and disadvantages that plague women of color’s success in business ventures, due to many pre-conceived assumptions or stereotypes,” said Leatrice. “In contrast, I see the diversity of ideas, perseverance, charisma, and grit that is offered by women of color and want to increase awareness of the plethora of constructive ideas that this group is bringing into the world of business.”

Leatrice aspires to own her own engineering firm and to continue inspiring and empowering young girls to be fearless and have an interest in business and STEM.

“Both of these thoughts motivate my desire to work to diminish the negative mindset and promote positivity surrounding women of color professionally.”

“I seek to be an advocate for change in popular opinion and do everything within my power to help advance and inspire this next generation of powerful leaders. “

Headshots - Circle - StormMeet Gabriella Andrean
Communications and Social Media Intern, Walker’s Legacy

Born and raised in the heart of all things entertainment, New York native Gabriella Andrean is currently enrolled in the five-year program at American University in Washington, D.C. studying Business and Entertainment with a focus in Marketing. Being both spontaneous and inspiring to peers, Gabriella has worked hands-on with the Dean of the Business School to create new initiatives and reform the diversity and inclusion standards within the classroom setting.

All while doing this, she creates a nostalgic ambiance on her very own 90’s Hip Hop & R&B campus radio show. Gabriella focuses on discussing real-time issues while also answering questions related to college life, love, emotional wellness, and motivation on how to be the best you. While Gabriella loves to spin on the 1’s and 2’s, she has a passion for working at a multi-media corporation for hopefully gaining a platform in which she can influence young black girls to strive to throw themselves into the impossible and still make it out on top.

“Working in media wont be a downfall for black women, but it will become a platform to erase the bias that has been implemented on our culture and to give way in shaping a new story around what people of color are all about. With such diversity, one storyline wouldn’t be enough for all. ”

“I am so glad to be working with Walker’s Legacy because they strive to find the uniqueness in each individual and boast that trait as the forefront of their future careers.”

8Meet Dayna Marie Hood
Communications and Social Media Intern, Walker’s Legacy

Dayna Marie is a San Diego born, Virginia bred professional makeup artist and journalist. During her educational journey at Trinity Washington University, she discovered her love for journalism. She started #IAmTrinity, which is an ongoing publication that showcases a different Trinity student every week. The goal of the project is to celebrate the diversity of Trinity students, encourage sisterhood and build lasting friendships.

Now filled to the brim with inspiration, she created her own online and digital magazine titled, “Color Story.” The publication, which launched in 2017 highlights fashion, beauty and lifestyle for all people of all colors. With every page turned, readers will see faces they recognize, and read stories they can relate to. In her free time, Dayna loves taking road trips, being on set for photo shoots, writing, finding new restaurants, and spending time with her family, friends, and pets.

“Working with women of color is vital to my future because it serves as a daily reminder that I can achieve anything I set out to do,” said Dayna Marie. “Being able to share both struggles and triumphs with women who understand my story helps me take each step toward my goals.”

We have so many people telling us we can’t, so it’s imperative that we come together to prove that we CAN!Dayna Marie Hood

My favorite quote is “We are not in pain.” by Tracee Ellis Ross. This brief yet powerful quote was her response to Anthony Anderson’s comment at Step Up’s 14th Annual Inspiration Awards. Her on-screen husband from the hit show “Blackish” said, “I’m not a woman, but I feel your pain.” No matter how much I appreciate any man, I always cringe when they inevitably assume that all women are constantly struggling. We have always been powerful, smart and resilient. We can achieve anything, and we should be seen as forces to be reckoned with, never victims. Tracee is an inspiration that changes the way the world sees not only women of color, but all women.

Meet Storm Tyler

Meet Storm Tyler
Collegiate Programming Intern, Walker’s Legacy Foundation

As a result of an adventurous spirit and fascination with the world and it’s people, she pursued a B.A in International Studies-International Business. Currently, she’s absorbing all things global and digital media in her Master’s of Arts in Mass Communication program.

“I’ve been fortunate to work with and for incredible women of color such as Sienna Brown, Jessica Salazar, Breonna Rodriguez, and Maura Chanz! From developing brand strategy and social media marketing plans or public relations and event planning, this has allowed my love for women’s empowerment and digital media to coalesce,” said Storm. “Thriving despite demographic qualifiers, these resilient and brilliant women inspire me to do and be better. Continued platforms dedicated to the success of women of color in business via education, resources, and events, prepares and encourages the next generation of entrepreneurs. Walker’s Legacy is at the forefront of this transformation and I’m honored to be on this team!

Storm has previous experience with CollegeFashionista, the American Cancer Society, Las Morenas de España and with the Lead Digital Designer at Sesame Street, she’s amassed extensive business, brand strategy and content management skills. When not working with incredible women, she’s also found a love for leadership development. Via University programs, conference facilitation and mentorship she enjoys witnessing students realize their full potential.

Ultimately, she aspires to be at the forefront of technology to create a more equitable world. 

Her favorite quote is “You’re more than the things you tell yourself about yourself—you’re unlimited” – a personal quote and reflection of my Day 7.

7Meet Chanté Russell
Communications and Social Media Intern, Walker’s Legacy

Chanté Russell is a Howard University print journalism major from Raleigh, North Carolina. Her entire life has been shaped by her passion for writing, fashion and activism. Those passions have led her to create a blog entitled Be The Zeitgeist and serve as a staff writer for Howard’s student newspaper, The Hilltop. She has also written for Lady With Attitude and worked as a freelance journalist.  Some of her biggest role models include Anna Wintour, Maya Angelou and her cousin, Dr. Jennifer Edwards, who inspired Chanté to attend Howard. After completing college, Chanté hopes to work as a fashion journalist and use her platform to combat cultural insensitivity within the fashion industry and improve the public perception of the industry.

“As a Black woman, I understand that glass ceilings and unfair advantages are very real, despite what some may say. However, I have been lucky enough to have various strong women serve as role models and mentors in my life,” said Chante. “I know that all women haven’t had those sources of wisdom and inspiration and I want to change that. I want to uplift others just as I have been uplifted. Even in the face of adversities such as sexism and racism, women of color can be amazingly resilient when we come together as a community, whether that be working with or motivating each other. I truly value this and therefore want to be a part of the motivating community for as many women of color as possible.”

Her favorite quote is “Do it with passion, or not at all.” Chante admires this quote because of her strong belief that if you’re going to do something, then you should do it right and there’s no way to do that without passion.

Meet Asile Patin
Partnerships and Programming Intern, Walker’s Legacy Foundation Headshots - Circle - Tina (1)

Asile Patin, a Syracuse University junior, has a deep passion for social justice through entrepreneurship and community engagement. An alumna of Phillips Exeter Academy, Asile is currently pursuing her Bachelors in both African American Studies & Citizenship and Civic Engagement, with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises.

“As a woman of color and an entrepreneur, I have truly come to understand the importance of a tight-knit support system,” said Asile. “The world’s next great ventures have yet to manifest, because the ideas are being deflected by apprehensions about feasibility, a lack of encouragement, or access to resources — but this does not have to be the case.”

“To me, every individual with an idea is capable of becoming a success story, and access to resources should not be dictated by race or gender.”

“With this, the success of a woman of a color is also my success, and with a collaborative mindset, women in the industry will continue to break down barriers and prosper in years to come.”

Asile is also the founder of Asile’s Upgrade, a multipurpose skin and hair product line made with natural ingredients. She has concentrated her campus and community efforts towards advocating for financial literacy, economic development, and encouraging entrepreneurial spirit in women of color. Asile has presented research findings surrounding these topics at the Young Black & Successful, LLC Annual Conference, the National Council for Black Studies Conference in Houston, TX, and in Paris, France. She has also served as a mentor and life coach with the Good Life Philanthropic Youth Foundation in Syracuse, NY.

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