Tara Darnley, Co-Founder & CEO of Dreams Inspire Reality Consulting

Tara Darnley is an inventor, a mother, and CEO of Darlyng & Co. In partnership with her husband, the brand was launched with the Yummy Mitt® Teething Mitten, creating a new and never seen before category in the market. Only a few years later, Darlyng & Co. has become a household favorite for not only babies, but parents as well. Since then, Darnley has begun to aid in other entrepreneurs’ success by helping them morph their visions into businesses.


Tara’s Passion

When asked what her passion was Mrs. Tara Darnley simply put:

“Helping entrepreneurs and creatives turn their dreams into reality.”

This very short and sweet sentiment has morphed into her own company— Dreams Inspire Reality Consulting where she is the Co-founder and CEO.


How It Began

Dreams Inspire Reality Consulting is currently helping thousands of up and coming Entrepreneurs and Creatives grow and scale their brands by diversifying their sales channels. Tara Darnley shares her  story with The Walkers Legacy on how Dreams Inspire Reality Consulting Agency began:


“We started by focusing on launching and scaling brands on Amazon and have since grown into a full-service consulting agency that helps creatives to take their product idea from concept to market through our ever-evolving innovative approach to strategically launching in the marketplace.”



Darnley shares her most recent accomplishment— Dreams Inspire Reality traveled on a four city tour called “Pick My Brain” where  workshops trained entrepreneurs and creatives to start a business. Darnley’s firm was able to sponsor the event, making it free to all entrepreneurs. Mrs. Tara Darnley doesn’t stop there— in the midst of helping entrepreneurs grow their brands she also hosts a Podcast where the entrepreneurs are able to come on and share their experiences.


The Future

It is clear that Tara Darnley is passionate about the success and  growth of future business owners and young entrepreneurs which is shown through her work and selfless acts, it is her only hope that in the near future there are more investing in women of color.

As we close out, Walkers Legacy asks “Why? Why is this work important? Simply put by Mrs. Tara Darnley:

“Building a legacy for my family.”


Morgan Rahman

Morgan Rahman is a Senior at Virginia State University set to graduate May 2020. While attending VSU, Morgan majored in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and a Minor in Business Management. Throughout her studies, communications was where she found her passion in branding, creating online content, and serving her campus community by leading the communications board on several organizations. As well as studying Mass Communications, she found a way to connect her studies and help surrounding communities by joining an organization called SLOT: The Student Liaison Outreach Team. SLOT allowed for Morgan to do community service, mentor young girls, and exercise her creativity by creating flyers for events and event planning. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, she plans to continue her education and obtain her Masters.

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