November Walker of Month: Roxie Schescke, President, Indian Eyes LLC

Roxie Schescke, President Indian Eyes LLC
Roxie Schescke, President, Indian Eyes LLC

Honoring our Native American sisters during Native American Heritage Month [space]

Roxie Schescke, President of Indian Eyes, as a child, times were very challenging growing up in a very prejudiced and opinionated community. Roxie has risen above some very horrific circumstance that created emotional setbacks that would prevent most from becoming both a role model and a success. Roxie admits this environment has an impact on your self-esteem; making you doubt if you can have a meaningful future and a sense of personal accomplishment. You have to rise above it, be strong, fight for a quality life, educate yourself, think of our children and then decide to make a difference and not hold grudges, leave judgment day to The Creator. [space]

Roxie has become a role model and a true advocate for many in Indian Country and in the communities she follows. She is a champion of women-owned small businesses and a mentor and exemplary leader in the federal government’s small business contracting arena. Roxie’s knowledge, experience and positive attitude have been the winning factors contributing to her successes. For example, she was one of four woman owned businesses selected to assist the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs in support of the President’s Economic and Jobs Agenda. [space]

Under her leadership, she is now able to proudly say, “My Company has a great reputation for success. Indian Eyes is now a National and International Company that was built to support the stringent needs of the federal government arena and has since grown in many areas. They are a financially strong company with approved FOCI. They have an extensive past performance from Equipment Logistics, Construction/Environmental Management, Training and Staffing Resource while maintaining a great reputation. They have Zero incidents since 2005 which is when Indian Eyes started. This includes two years of operation during Katrina work where Roxie was boots on the ground right in the middle of snake beds to endless hours of no sleep in extreme weather conditions. Indian Eyes has grown from operating out of a garage back in 2005 to a brand new office in Washington. Indian Eyes has hired new people during these challenging economic times. They have a wall of fame that includes letters from Governors to personalized Christmas cards from The White House. [space]

Partial Listing of Awards for Indian Eyes:

  • 2013 Top 100 Native American Owned Business
  • 2012 Native American Business Woman of the Year
  • 2012 SBA Small Business Person of the Year Washington State
  • 2012 Largest Minority Owned Business Puget Sound Area
  • 2011 SB of the year Washington State
  • Ranked 3rd- Fastest Growing Minority Owned Business
  • Ranked 23rd-Largest Minority Owned Business
  • Top 500 Privately Held Businesses in America
  • Top 50 Privately Held Businesses in Washington
  • Top 100 Native American Owned Businesses in America

Roxie also proudly serves as the Chair of the Association for REACHTHEREZ.ORG.

Roxie shares that the Small Business Programs are a vehicle that has given millions an opportunity to create a life and business they and their families can love and grow.  These small business programs will only prove to be successful if we do not rely on our socio-economic credentials to succeed, but educate ourselves in all the areas needed to perform well with the highest of INTEGRITY and HONESTY! Throughout your work, be a role model and strong advocate for improving the quality of life for all Americans, especially the education, health, and future of children! Have a vision to impact the lives of others. [space]

Roxie leaves us with this: [space]

Somewhere along the way, we adapted the belief that the quality of our life is based on circumstances, rather than choice. I strongly believe that the life we are living today is based on the choices we made yesterday; and if we want a different life we must have the courage to make new choices and seek the opportunities to be whatever you want to be! [space]

Congratulations Roxie!

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