January | The List: 10 Power Mentors

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January | The List: 10 Power Mentors
Amanda Tachine, Postdoctoral Scholar at Center for Indian Education at Arizona State University

Why she’s Walker’s Legacy: Honored by the White House as a young person empowering their communities by being champions of change. Amanda Tachine is Navajo from Ganado, Arizona. She is Náneeshtézhí Táchiinii (Zuni Red Running into Water clan) born for Tl¹izilani (Many Goats clan). As a descendant of many native tribes, Amanda has led efforts in a dynamic two-tiered college access mentoring program, Native SOAR (Student Outreach, Access, and Resiliency) where Native American graduate students and staff mentor underrepresented, mostly Native American college students who also, in turn, provide mentorship to Native American high school students. She received a Ph.D. in Higher Education from the University of Arizona. and currently serves as Postdoctoral Scholar at the Center for Indian Education at Arizona State University where she hopes to continue advancing ideas and strategies for Native student success.

January | The List: 10 Power Mentors
Antoinetta Hairston, Co-Founder & President for Girls with Gifts

Why she’s Walker’s Legacy: After having a conversation with a friend about wanting to help young ladies become their best selves Antoinetta set out to develop what we know today as Los Angeles based, Girls with Gifts (GWG), an organization centered around inspiring and empowering young girls to recognize and develop their gifts at an early age and to encourage them to use their gifts to contribute to society. With the mantra “Reach Back Pull Forward”, GWG focuses on providing resources and mentorship for girls from inner-city or low-income homes who have an interest in the arts and entertainment.

January | The List: 10 Power Mentors
Julian B Kiganda, founder of Bold and Fearless

Why she’s Walker’s Legacy: With Maya Angelou’s words at her helm, Julian B. Kiganda founder of Bold and Fearless believes “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” (Maya Angelou). She has taken her adversity and experience and woven it into an experience that has helped women shed off layers of insecurity and self-doubt. Her mentor says since meeting her she’s finished a book and created a platform for women and girls.

January | The List: 10 Power Mentors
Marjorie Harvey: Founder of Girls Who Rule the World Mentoring Program

Why she’s Walker’s Legacy: Marjorie is building her own eco-system of success by giving young ladies age 13-18 the opportunity to participate in an annual mentoring program called Girls Who Rule the World. This program provides mentoring to over 100 young ladies each summer on self-esteem, financial literacy, health and wellness, and professional and educational development. Much like Susan Taylor, her and her husband both believe that children are truly our future and it is our responsibility help them grow into the best human beings they can be.

January | The List: 10 Power Mentors
Stephanie Bravo, Co-founder of Studentmentor.org

Why she’s Walker’s Legacy: Bravo is a Mexican American from San Jose, California, and co-founder of StudentMentor.org, a free online student mentorship service determined to reverse the negative trends associated with latino medical students and determined to propel students to success through the power of mentoring. First introduced to the concept of mentoring when she applied to the exclusive Stanford University Minority Medical Alliance Medical Mentorship Program (SUMMA MMP) as an undergraduate at San Jose State University. She sought to bring these principles to a wider group through her organization because she didn’t feel like she had anyone to really guide her on what she needed to do to get through college and into professional school.

January | The List: 10 Power Mentors
Tamasia Johnson, Founder and Executive Director of the Pearl Club

Why she’s Walker’s Legacy: Tamasia Johnson is a New York City native, passionate about the success of young people. So much so, that she founded The Pearl Club, an organization whose goal is to develop skills in inner-city young women that foster their success and ability to graduate from a post-secondary institution. As a mentor for GoodGuides, being the recipient of Mayor Ravenstahl’s Citizen’s Service Award, a 2015 Pittsburgh Legacy Leader and the 2015 Strong Award Honoree presented by Strong Women, Strong Girls, Tamasia has dedicated herself to the empowerment and success of young women.

January | The List: 10 Power Mentors
Susan Taylor, Founder of National Cares Mentoring Movement

Why she’s Walker’s Legacy: We can never separate Susan Taylor from the Essence empire she built. As a fourth generation, entrepreneur she knows the value of hard work and isn’t afraid to share this with the young people she mentors. As the founder of the Cares Mentoring Movement a massive campaign to recruit one million able adults to help secure children in peril and losing ground, Susan believes that “Our children are the mothers and fathers of tomorrow, and their future is in our hands.”

January | The List: 10 Power Mentors
Tina Aldatz & Nicole Prentice Williams Co-chairs for Hispanic 100 Mentoring Program

Why their Walker’s Legacy: Tina and Nicole head chair the Hispanic 100 mentoring program helping to provide a conduit for goal-driven Latino’s between the ages of 18 and 24 to become successful business and civic leaders by establishing mentoring relationships between them and highly successful Hispanic professionals within the Hispanic 100 organization. On their day jobs, Tina, an entrepreneur at heart has funded and produced many projects. Currently she is the Co-founder and CEO of the travel and wellness company, Savvy Travelers. While Nicole is a multiple Emmy Award-winning television producer turned media trainer and media relations consultant.

January | The List: 10 Power Mentors
Mia Thornton, Chairwoman and Founder of The Speak Life Foundation

Why she’s Walker’s Legacy: After working in the Corporate America for several years Mia felt a void in her life. Destined to do something more she created Speak Life Clothing, a clothing line that promotes positive images and words. Her philosophy is that words should be used to inspire and encourage people to do and be more. Which is what eventually sparked her desire to start the Speak Life Foundation. After leaving Corporate America for teaching and returning to Atlanta, GA. Where she heard the students’ heartfelt desire for external motivation in their communities and schools; she felt they needed someone to show interest in their strive for academic and personal excellence. It was her brief experience in the classroom that motivated her to move beyond the clothing line and create the first Speak Life Day, which has now flourished into The Speak Life Foundation.

In honor of National Mentoring Month Walker’s Legacy has chosen January to highlight 10 women who have dedicated themselves to providing supports and mentorship for women.


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