#BEENBOSS Green: Five Women of Color Championing Environmental Equity

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Studies have shown that communities of color and low-income communities are far more vulnerable to the negative impacts of environmental negligence.

At Walker’s Legacy, we understand the interconnectivity of environmental reform through clean air, water and community advocacy on economic outcomes such as healthcare costs, health equity, economic development and economic opportunities. We have to look no further than the water conditions in Flint, air quality issues in Los Angeles, development in Standing Rock or the urban blight of Baltimore.

As a platform that elevates professional and enterprising women, we know that everyday multicultural women are on the front lines of the green and environmental reform desperately needed by our communities.

That is why, in recognition of Earth Day, we are proud to celebrate women like Adrienne Cooper, Director at Defend our Future; Michelle Mabson, Director of Advocacy for Black Millennials for Flint, Chancee Lundy, Founder of Nspire Green; Kerene Tayloe, Policy Director at Green for All; and Amanda Aguirre, Executive Vice President & COO of GreenLatinos who work tirelessly to push the needle on environmental change.

As part of our #BEENBOSS campaign, we will be releasing featured profiles and videos of their experiences as leaders in this movement.

Why? Because every day should be Earth Day…

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