Angola’s Economy and Opportunity

As entrepreneurs and women of color in business, we recognize the risks, trials and tribulations of establishing successful entities. We also must acknowledge we need mentors, support, and ultimately partnerships with individuals who believe and understand our vision. How about we began to consider how to initiate business with our sisters in sub-Sahara Africa.

In 2012, The Obama Administration announced A New Strategy to Sub-Sahara Africa. “This strategy recognizes President Obama’s firm belief that—even as Africa faces enduring challenges—this is a moment of great economic promise for sub-Saharan Africa.”

As these countries continue to develop, there are campaigns encouraging US owned businesses in the private sector to take advantage of the economic progress. As black women/ women of color and entrepreneurs, we are needed in these spaces. The investments in sub-Saharan African economies (agriculture, apparel, healthcare, hospitality, infrastructure, retail, professional services, technology, etc.) can be a win-win situation.

An example of a sub-Saharan country experiencing growth and stability is Angola. After civil war ravaged the country, it is one of the fastest growing economies.

Although the country depends heavily on oil, the country has many resources like diamonds, iron and copper. The country has rain forests and beautiful beaches. The government is actively working to build infrastructure, upgraded water supply, expand telecommunications, plus diversify economy by focusing on agriculture and tourism

Many of the people are ready for advancement and actively participating in initiating change. Please understand every country has its’ issues. Changes are happening and there are some challenges. Angola has a significant importance as a percentage of Africans transported via the slave trade to America were from Angola.

These partnerships and/or joint ventures present possibilities for us to develop, educate, expand and grow businesses, help and support our sister populace of women entrepreneurs. So when we pursue growth opportunities, why not consider sub-Sahara African countries like Angola?

To learn more about these opportunities, you can contact US Angola Chamber of Commerce, and The International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce for more information and how to get involved.


T. Conswello

T. Conswello Davis is the principal of TIGER Marketing, LLC/TIGER Athlete Management. She holds a BS degree in Psychology and MBA/Marketing. T. Conswello’s areas of focus are athlete representation, marketing/pr, and international business. Follow her on twitter @tigermarkllc.

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