Are You Ready to be an Entrepreneur?

Are you ready to be an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship may seem as easy as buying a web domain and launching an online platform, but a significant element of taking the leap into entrepreneurship is adopting the right mindset. Here are some of the traits you will need to be successful:

Be Determined – It goes without saying that becoming an entrepreneur involves taking some risks. You may face opposition from those closest to you who can’t understand why you would forsake the stability of a 9-to-5 role for entrepreneurship. Your determination to keep taking action towards your goals will determine your level of achievement, so it is important to stick with it.

Be Humble – Understand that as an entrepreneur, you should expect to fail. The phrase “fail early, fail fast, fail often” is commonly used in entrepreneur circles. Venturebeat writer Tom Brown notes, “Fail fast isn’t about the big issues, it’s about the little ones. It’s an approach to running a company or developing a product that embraces lots of little experiments with the idea that some will work and grow and others will fail and die.” In other words, don’t expect everything to work perfectly the first time around; odds are you will be making adjustments constantly.

Be Curious – Remaining curious will help your business grow over time. Many of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs – think Steve Jobs and Richard Branson – refused to settle on just one concept. They continued tweaking and incorporating feedback from consumers to improve their products. That type of curiosity will only elevate the value you bring to your audience.

Be Consistent – It can be difficult to stay on course when you see others making significant gains around you, but you have to remember why you launched your business and stay focused on your individual goals in order to see measurable results.

Be Passionate – Passion is what can turn a hobby into a thriving business, and you will need it on those days when deadlines need to be met, product sales are lagging and payments you are expecting are delayed. Passion helps you get through the difficult moments because you are truly committed to your product or service.

Be Flexible – In the same vein, entrepreneurship comes with a certain amount of risk-taking and uncertainty. You may need to create, test, and adjust your offerings over time, and that requires flexibility. Entrepreneurs who can go through these steps quickly are more likely to succeed, because they adapt to the needs of their audience.  

Be Selfless – This may seem counterintuitive, but the most successful entrepreneurs are typically service-minded. Rather than thinking about what will make the most money or bring the most fame, think about what problems you can solve for others.

Your business can only be as good as the work you are willing to put into it. Entrepreneurship is a challenging path, but can also be incredibly rewarding if you are willing to stay committed.


Monica Clark

Monica Clark is the founder of The Perception Practice, where she works to empower professional women to work authentically. Monica motivates others personally and professionally through mentorship, speaking and traning. She offers practical advice and resources for those who struggle with internal and external perceptions in their work lives, and works to help her clients find meaningful solutions. Monica holds a Bachelor's Degree from Duke University and Masters Degrees in Public Administration and International Relations from Syracuse University. She resides in Northern Virginia.

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