How Power Couples Can Develop Effective Work/Life Balance

When most people think of power couples, they think of high achievers who seem to have it all together. But the truth is, being a power couple isn’t easy. Two driven people, juggling dual-careers bring about a myriad of challenges. If a couple isn’t careful, they can let the stress of their careers run themselves, and their relationships into the ground. Developing proper work/life balance is absolutely essential if you want your relationship to succeed. Here are five tips on how power couples can develop effective work/life balance today.

  1. Define Your Roles Clearly

In order for a two people to operate effectively as a power couple, they must be organized. You and your partner should clearly define your roles from the very beginning of the relationship. Determine who will be responsible for what. Know who will pay the bills, pick up laundry on what day, take kids to sports practice, or cook meals. Of course, things can change over time because of life happening, or work schedules. But overall, you should have roles set in place, so that things don’t fall through the cracks.

  1. Make Time For Each Other

Whether you consider yourself a part of a power couple or not, it’s absolutely essential that you make time for your partner, if you want your relationship to succeed. Of course, scheduling intimate time isn’t sexy, but you must unplug from the daily grind, and focus solely only your other half. Power couples are usually extremely busy. So if you must take time to schedule a date night, then do so. There is no shame in taking the time to make your loved one a priority.

  1. Be Adaptable to Change

When you’re a high achiever, you may feel as though you need to do things perfectly at all times. But sometimes life happens, and things don’t always work out as planned. If you forgot to do the laundry, or missed a date with a friend, there’s no need to freak out. Just accept the ebb and flow of life, and keep it moving. You always have the next day to back on track.

  1. Take Time to Decompress

Life can be completely chaotic. Although relationships take a lot of nurturing, don’t forget to take of yourself. It’s impossible for us to be great partners and parents, if we, ourselves, are not happy and healthy. If you’re feeling overworked, or just plain tired, it’s okay to take a day off, or a much-needed vacation. Once you’re rested and rejuvenated, you can jump right back into the swing of things.

  1. What Do You Value Most 

Achieving proper work/life balance begins and ends with you. Be honest with yourself about what you need to in order to be happy. Have a talk with your partner about what you value most as a couple, with regards to your relationship and family. You may decide you prefer not to work a certain amount of hours per week, or that your spouse not take jobs out of town. You may find that you need to make health a priority. Whatever it is, be clear and upfront about what those needs are, so everyone is on the same page.

Being a power couple comes with its own set of challenges, but it’s also completely rewarding. Remember, organization and communication is key. But don’t forget to prioritize your relationship and health first! If you keep the above tips in mind, you will, no doubt, be the power couple to envy.



Monet Ravenell

freelance writer

Monet Ravenell is a freelance writer from Los Angeles, California. She holds a B.A. in Communications from the University of Maryland. She provides web content for many online publications, including Stiletto Woman, Wellocity, Chica Travelista, and Washington Etiquette. When she’s not writing web content, she enjoys writing screenplays.

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