Is the Internet as We Know It About to Change?

Have you been reading recent headlines about potential forthcoming changes to the ‘Open Internet’ otherwise known as ‘Net Neutrality’ and still unsure what its all about?

The net neutrality broad resurgence has come from a recent proposal introduced by the Federal Communications Commission –  the federal regulating body for radio, television, satellite, cable, and, of course, broadband and wireless – which aims to reverse its stand on existing regulations as early as next week.   

Of greatest public interest is the most recent set of proposed amendments which critics argue will alter internet accessibility.

In previous regulations, broadband internet (what you are probably reading this on) was classified as a Title II public utility, meaning the internet was deemed a communication tool the public has the right to use, just like say, a telephone line. This greatly expanded the public’s use for the internet and in turn, changed the way we conduct business across all industries.

Championed by Commissioner Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman, are amendments to current regulations that would categorize broadband internet as a Title I Information Service and not a Title II Common Carrier or utility-like tool. This change would lift bans on blocking and paid prioritization.  

These changes have been met with considerable criticism from the general public, elected officials, and technology advocacy and diversity organizations who worry that Internet Service Providers (IPSs) will be granted the discretion to block, delay, or control sites visited by the public and may begin charging more for access to certain sites.

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn has also been publicly dissent on the matters of affordability and accessibility and their implications on low-income communities and the broader national entrepreneurship eco-system.

National entrepreneurship advocates also worry that these changes may stifle innovation and limit entrepreneurs who need access to quality and consistent internet to grow and expand.  

The FCC is set to hold a public Commission meeting on December 14 in Washington, DC, to discuss the matter during its ‘Restoring Internet Freedom’ portion of the public meeting.  

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