Meet the Walker’s Legacy Research Team


Walker’s Legacy and the Walker’s Legacy Foundation have selected highly qualified women throughout the country to assist us in conducting research and studies for our target community of professional and entrepreneurial women of color.

Meet our lead research team below…

HaileLead Researcher – Black Women Entrepreneur Research

Haile Eshe Cole received her doctoral degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Texas at Austin. Her concentration focused on African Diaspora Studies and she also received a portfolio in Women and Gender Studies. Over the years, Dr. Cole has conducted research on alternatives to incarceration for mothers and their children in both Texas and New York as well as maternal and infant mortality for Black women nationally and in Texas.  She has worked for both the state and local government assisting with research and program development and has extensive experience with community engagement, training, and facilitation. She has spent the last 8 years devoting her time to community and social justice activism centered on the needs of poor and working class mothers and women of color in Austin, TX. Some of her insights pertaining to black women and reproductive justice can be found in her recent publication entitled “A Love Letter for my Daughter: Love as a Political Act” in the Birthing Justice: Black Women, Pregnancy, and Childbirth Anthology.

Kourtney NelomsLead Evaluator – Single Mother Entrepreneurship & Financial Literacy Program

Kourtney Neloms is a professionally trained program evaluator, community planner and advocate with work experiences in philanthropic, community-, and faith-based organizations, educational settings, and local government agencies. Neloms received Masters degrees in both social work and urban planning, with a focus on communities and social systems, from the University of Michigan. She currently operates Catalyst Evaluation & Consulting which provides research and evaluation support to foundations and community-based organizations in a myriad of areas including youth development, workforce development, and community-based health.   She has worked as a lead evaluator with organizations such as the Skillman Foundation and the Vanguard Community Development Corporation.  Prior to funding Catalyst Evaluation & Consulting, Neloms held senior roles with the City of Detroit Human Services Department, Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation and the Detroit Workforce Development Department.

Shadowing Evaluator – Single Mother Entrepreneurship & Financial Literacy Program

Kamilah S. Omari, LMSW-C&M, ACSW is a 3rd year doctoral student at Howard University School of Social Work with a concentration in Health and Well-Being. She earned her Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work degrees from Alabama State University and The University of Michigan, respectively. Her professional background includes the provision of services to adolescents connected to foster care and juvenile justice systems. She is skilled in program management, program evaluation, and professional development and training. Kamilah’s research interests are girls and women of color; specifically, sexual violence, sexual health, mental health, healing practices and services, and transitions into adulthood. Kamilah is licensed in the State of Michigan as a Master’s Social Worker with a Clinical and Macro Specialty.

Do you have research studies focused on our niche community of women of color?

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