Sprucing Up Your Social Media for Your Job Hunt

Once it’s on the Internet, it’s always there!

In this day and age of technology and accessibility, social media allows the masses to share their best (and worst) moments with friends and family alike.

With that being said, it’s important to be responsible in what you share with the billions of people who use the Internet. Whether it’s a video on Instagram, or an image with a new filter or Snapchat – what you post on social media is out for others, including your employers, to find and see.

Employers are now assessing your Internet presence just as much as the resume and cover letter you submit to the job. For employers, it matters about the risks that could potentially hurt their company. They want team members who align with their company culture, brand, and public image both in and out the office.

To ensure you make it to the interview, use the following tips to get your social media career-ready:

Google Yourself

The first step in editing your social media is to first see what’s out there. Search your name or commonly used nickname to see what comes up. Ensure your top hits show you in the best light and that all public profiles are professional enough for your potential employer. It’s good to see the old things that may pop up, and delete what you know isn’t relevant to your current life. Make sure your updated LinkedIn page is in the top results, and no questionable images come into play.

Clean up your photos and videos

You know what they say, one picture is worth a thousand words. Your images and videos can tell a clear story on a number of aspects in your life. If many of your photos feature you drinking with friends, or partying late, you will be seen as irresponsible and in many cases, immature. The use of profanity, hate language, offensive hand gestures, or your rants gives employers a sense of your attitude and approach to life. These ailments make you less likely to be considered for a position of any level.

Change your privacy settings

Almost all social networks allow you to determine the level of security you have over the publicity of your page. Maybe you need to make your Facebook page unavailable to the public, and keep it for family and friends. Privatizing your social media, and closely monitoring those you give access to, allow you some lee-way in the posts you would like to publish. While it’s not great to share offensive or distasteful content, this way will give you some control on what’s accessible while employers research you.

It’s important to keep tabs on your social media past so that you may have a successful professional future. Use these tips to network socially, and responsibly, and take the next step in your career.



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