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Leaders in the House and Senate reached an agreement on Sunday for a $900 billion pandemic relief bill that includes enhanced unemployment benefits and direct cash payments.
– What’s in the relief bill: 
  • Direct payment checks of up to $600 per adult and child. The $600 checks will go out to individuals who made less than $75,000 a year in 2019 or couples who made less than $150,000. Similar to the CARES Act, the size of the payment will decrease for individuals who make between $75,000 and $100,000 and individuals who make $100,000 or more will not receive checks.
  • Aid for struggling small businesses, including more than $284 billion for forgivable Paycheck Protection Program loans and $15 billion in dedicated funding for live venues, independent movie theaters, and cultural institutions
  • $300 per week for enhanced unemployment insurance benefits
  • $25 billion for rental assistance and an eviction moratorium extension
  • $82 billion for education providers like schools and colleges, including aid to help reopen classrooms safely
  • $10 billion to help with child care assistance
  • $13 billion in increased Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and child nutrition benefits
  • $7 billion to bolster broadband access to help Americans connect remotely during the pandemic
  • Funding totaling in the billions of dollars to support coronavirus vaccine distribution, testing and contract tracing efforts and health care workers
  • A tax credit to support employers offering paid sick leave
  • The COVID relief deal also includes $25 billion in direct rental assistance and extends the eviction moratorium until January 31, the same day the moratorium on student loan payments ends. 
Sources: CNNCBSNewsCNBC 
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