Tattoo Taboo: What to Ask Yourself About Tattoos in the Workplace

In this new age of self-expression, tattoos have become more prevalent. However, despite their the growing acceptance, it may or may not be acceptable for the profession you are trying to pursue. And even if it is, you would never want to go overboard with getting tattoos. So ladies, before you get inked, you have to think. If you need help with thinking about it, here are four questions you should answer for yourself before you get your tattoo:

What is the company policy on tattoos?

Simply put, if the career you want to pursue has a strict tattoo policy, then you may want to do twice or three times as much thinking about getting one. A tattoo is a huge decision and milestone in life for some. Ask yourself if it is worth it and determine the consequences, both good and bad. If it is truly not worth the hassle, then you probably should not get the tattoo, but if you insist on getting one, then proceed to the second question.

What will I get tattooed on my body?

Stand clear from any racial political, or offensive images when getting your tattoo. It would be beneficial to choose an image for a tattoo that if seen unexpectedly would not cost you you your job or prevent you from achieving your goals in your profession. Use common sense when choosing what to place on your body.

Where should I place my tattoo?

Placement is everything when considering tattoo. It does not matter if it is a butterfly, if it is on the middle of your forehead, then it will be disheartening in any professional setting. The same goes for hand tattoos. Choose wisely. If the career you choose to pursue has more of a conservative tradition, then opt to have a tattoo where you know you can cover it easily. A few places where the tattoo can be covered easily are the upper and lower back, inner bicep, and foot.

At what place am I getting my tattoo?

This has more to do with your well-being and health rather than any business or workplace. Health is the most important component when dealing with one’s body. A tattoo can be lethal if it is done in the wrong place with unskilled hands. Moreover, the tattoo can be harmful if it is not properly taken care of as instructed in the guide that is usually given after getting a tattoo Ladies, please do your research as to where you will get tattooed. Please pick the cleanest and most qualified shop for this process. Remember, just because the tattoo is cheap does not mean that the needle is safe and that you ultimately get what you pay for in this situation.

Mikyala Moore

Dillard University student from Kansas City who majors in criminal justice and wants you to know what I am thinking.

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