Walker’s Legacy Releases Native American Women Equal Pay Day Fast Facts Sheet

The largest global platform for women in business has released a fact sheet on Native American women in honor of Native American Women’s Equal Pay Day.

Walker’s Legacy, the largest digital platform for multicultural women in business, proudly recognizes October 1, 2020, as Native American Women’s Equal Pay Day. In support of Native American Women’s Equal Pay Day and Native American businesswomen, Walker’s Legacy has released a Native American Women’s Equal Pay Day Fast Fact Sheet available for download here.

Today, Walker’s Legacy will bring awareness to the shameful wage inequalities facing Native American women.

Did You Know?

  • Native Women earn approximately $0.60 cents on the dollar of White men. October 1, Native Women’s Equal Pay Day, is the day Native women must work into the new year to make what White men made at the end of the previous year. (1)
  • In many states, Native women stand to lose more than one million dollars over the course of a 40-year career. (2)
  • Certain Native women experience a larger wage gap than is reflected in the number for Native women overall. (3)
  •  Tohono O’odham women experience the largest wage gap and typically make less than half, 46.5%, of what white men make. Lumbee, Navajo, Pueblo, Sioux, and Yaqui women typically make slightly more than half of what white men make; about 52%. (3)
  • Additionally, Blackfoot, Iroquois, and Puget Sound Salish women all are typically paid less than 60% of what white men make. No Native women community typically makes more than 69 cents for every dollar made by white, non-Hispanic men. (3)

The Walker’s Legacy Native American Women’s Equal Pay Day Fast Fact Sheet shines a light on the challenges and over-comings that Native American women in business face through statistical data. Understanding the systematic inequalities between Native American women in business and their various counterparts is crucial for the timely national movements and conversations and their respective supportive efforts.

For the complete Native American Women’s Equal Pay Day Fast Fact Sheet click here

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