Walker’s Legacy Releases Women Entrepreneurs Fast Fact Sheet

Walker’s Legacy, the largest digital platform for multicultural women in business, proudly recognizes November 19th as Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. In support of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and businesswomen, Walker’s Legacy has released a Women Entrepreneurs Fast Facts Sheet available for download here.

Despite the fact that women around the world are embracing entrepreneurship and becoming integral contributors to their countries’ economies, they are frequently overlooked in the business world. That’s why Women’s Entrepreneurship Day exists — to celebrate and empower female business leaders and entrepreneurs all around the world.

At Walker’s Legacy, we honor our women entrepreneurs every day of the year but today is even more special.

Did You Know?

  • The US has 12.3 million women-owned businesses.
  • US women-owned businesses generate $1.8 trillion a year.
  • The number of women-owned businesses increased by 21%, while all businesses increased by only 9%
  • 40% of US businesses are women-owned.
  • Women started 1,821 net new businesses every day last year. 
  • 64% of new women-owned businesses were started by women of color last year. 
  • Total employment by women-owned businesses rose 8%, while for all businesses the increase was 1.8%. 
  • Latina women-owned businesses grew more than 87%.
  • There are 114% more women entrepreneurs than there were 20 years ago.


For the complete Women Entrepreneurs, Fast Fact Sheet click here.

Walker's Legacy

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