Young Entrepreneurs Take First Step to Building Beauty Empire

KD Haircare Supply

When Keonna and Kayla Davis experiment with hair extensions, try new products and pose for selfies in the mirror, it’s not just for fun – it’s for business. The sisters, ages 21 and 19, respectively, are the proprietors of KD Haircare Supply in Moreno Valley, CA, and staying on top of trends is good for their company’s bottom line.

Keonna and Kayla first entered the entrepreneurial world in March of 2015 by selling hair products via their website. It was more of a side gig while they searched for jobs in the area. After coming up empty on the job front, the two decided to open a hair supply store at the prompting of their mother. The sisters pooled the money from their online business with their own savings and matching funds from their parents to open a storefront location, becoming two of the youngest beauty supply store owners in the industry.

With zero experience operating their own company and no business classes under their belts, the pair relied on intense research to learn the foundations of running an enterprise such as inventory and bookkeeping.

“We researched and attended hair expos for top products for natural hair,” says Kayla. “We learned about pricing online from local competitors and from viewing blogs for hot products and the average pricing for those products.”

In a classic David versus Goliath scenario, KD Haircare Supply is now part of the multi-billion dollar beauty supply industry dominated by the top three brands, Sally Beauty Supply, Ulta and Sephora. Kayla and Keonna aren’t worried about market share too much right now. These days, they’re more focused on providing service to their immediate community and growing their online business, which has seen an increase in sales since their recent orbit into notoriety. Thanks to a Facebook post about the sisters that went viral, the pair have received praise from supporters across the country, which has led to them being featured on their local television station in Los Angeles.

Some might argue that the success they’ve seen so far negates the need for college, but the sisters say  getting a formal education is still on the horizon.

“We’re not currently in school, but we both plan on going to college,” says Keonna. “Kayla wanted to take some time off after graduating from high school last year. I attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco for animation, which is one of my passions, but I really wanted something a little more stable.” Keonna says she plans on returning to college one day, but she hasn’t landed on a field of study just yet.

As for the future of their company, the young entrepreneurs have ideas about expansion, eventually.

“We would like to expand our brand and open multiple stores,” says Keonna. “We do want to create a product like a cream or shea butter that we can brand as our in-house product.”

With the profile of their store on the rise, Keonna and Kayla have made it their mission to support other young entrepreneurs on the same journey. KD Haircare Supply recently announced that they’re now selling products by Princess M Nail Polish, a subsidiary of Princess M Cosmetics, a business owned by 15-year-old aspiring cosmetologist, Madison L. Pool of Gwynn Oak, MD.

Although the store doesn’t have any employees yet, family members pitch in from time to time. In fact, Kayla and Keonna’s 16-year-old brother, Kevin, lends his skills to the enterprise by helping with website updates, inventory and even advertising for the store by displaying a sign on the weekends.

So what keeps these young ladies focused on their business rather than other more social activities?

Kayla sums it up this way: “The community expects us to do good so they inspire us, and we have a great role model in our mom.”


Misty Starks

Misty Starks is an award-winning writer, television producer, social commentator and CEO of Misty Blue Media. A graduate of Howard University and the University of St. Thomas, Misty consults for Fortune Global 500 companies and entrepreneurs. She contributes to various publications and media broadcasts and serves as panelist and workshop speaker discussing topics related to careers, entrepreneurship and social issues. Misty is a native of New Orleans.

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